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Yacht Weddings: A Perfect Day

With exotic backdrops, glamorous interiors, and a private chef on board, luxury yachts are the ultimate wedding venue. Yacht weddings are a growing trend in the bridal market, hosting unforgettable ceremonies on deck before cruising off into the tropical sunset in the world’s most luxurious and private honeymoon suite.

The Perfect Ceremony

Whether you’re planning to host your wedding on a yacht in St Barts or the Bahamas, the Maldives or Monaco, you can be assured of a bespoke and highly professional experience. On luxury yachts for charter, the yacht broker, captain and crew are well-accustomed to hosting opulent events for VIP clients, and will collaborate efficiently with any external caterers and wedding photographers to ensure the logistics of your big day are seamless.

With the yacht dressed in flowers and live music playing on the sundeck, the day of your wedding will be marked in your memory forever. As for the wedding photos, they will preserve your magical moment in perfect clarity, as the two of you pose in a white dress and sharp suit against the outline of a superyacht, bright blue sea all around. With a yacht wedding, your guests will never stop talking about your big day being the one of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Honeymoon Suite

When the guests are gone and your life as a married couple has begun, there’s no better feeling than telling the captain to cast off from land, embarking symbolically on your life journey together. A yacht is the most romantic honeymoon venue on earth, as it floats between tropical islands with coconuts washing up on the shore, or beneath the spectacular cliffs of the Amalfi Coast or Santorini. With a private honeymoon yacht charter, you get to drop anchor where you please, swim off the back of the yacht in the morning, and sit down for candlelit dinners surrounded by the moonlit sea.

A Private Haven


The yacht’s crew maintain the perfect balance of privacy for you and your new spouse, always being ready to serve with a cold cocktail or fresh fluffy towel, but never in the way. There’s no better way to start a life together than by creating new memories. he captains and crew will devise a unique itinerary to mark your special trip, from diving with manta rays on a coral reef to helicoptering above a volcano. The yacht’s chef will cook gastronomic meals tailored to your tastes, although you will almost certainly also want to go ashore to enjoy a Michelin-starred restaurant or have a private beach picnic under the stars. Whatever you dream of, a yacht’s crew can make it happen.

The Right Yacht for a Yacht Wedding

It’s important to discuss your plans for a yacht wedding in detail with your yacht broker, as logistics do differ somewhat from land-based weddings.

The first thing to think about is guest numbers and the location of the yacht during the ceremony as yachts require different passenger licences depending on where they are located. Many luxury yachts for charter are limited to 12 guests once they leave the dock, but can often accommodate well over 100 guests when in port. For instance, if you wanted to have a fabulous yacht wedding in the marina in Cannes, you could invite hundreds of people for the ceremony, as long as the yacht doesn’t leave the dock. Other yachts have specialised commercial passenger licences allowing them to cruise offshore with large numbers of guests aboard, making these yachts ideal for large yacht weddings.

The next thing to consider is what kind of features you want on board. With thousands of luxury yachts for charter around the world, there are some spectacular options to choose from. Popular choices for yacht weddings and honeymoons include yachts with hot tubs and wellness spas, as well as yachts carrying a wide range of water toys for long, laughing days together on the water.

A yacht wedding can help you create a perfect moment in time. To organise your perfect day on a yacht, contact your yacht broker today.

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