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World Joyland, the park of imitations in China

World Joyland

There is a “fake”amusement park in China, which is made here and there when cloning elements from other parks, as this report shows it was produced by The Theme Park Guy, a guy who runs a hobby of all the amusement parks in the world.

World Joyland

World Joyland

The park has items from the Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando one of the parks, but there is also something of Epcot and also a fake Disney Store. It should be noted, however, that the sights are original pieces, meaning they were made by recognized and serious companies.

World Joyland China

World Joyland China

The park is located a couple of hours from Shanghai, but in this city, Disney will open its sixth overall, presumably in 2016. Who knows at this point what will be their point of view on how Minnie is seen wandering around the park in one of the photos.

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