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Why Go on a Yacht Holiday in Croatia?

Croatia sits across the massive Italian Peninsula, surrounded with numerous islets. The waters of the gulf are great for luxurious sailing because they are far from the open ocean. In addition, the weather is Mediterranean with dry summers and mild winters. For these reasons, yacht sailing is one of the most famous holidays in Croatia.


Where to Sail in Croatia

Croatia has more than a thousand islands in the Adriatic, and only 50 of them are inhabited. Hundreds of islands offer excellent anchorages and harbors for sailors, and the seas are great for diving and other deepwater sports. The coastline feature mostly reefs and cliffs, with occasional beaches. The shallow, clear waters are great for swimming and snorkeling. Two of the best islands to visit are Dalmatian Islands and Kornati Islands.


What to Prepare

Before anything else, tourists need to pay marina and port fees for sailing in Croatian waters, which range from $30 to $90 a night. Accommodation facilities, shower and shore power are widely available throughout Croatia. As with all sea travel, it is best to bring toiletries and personal stuff especially for protecting the skin. Although supplies are plenty in the harbors, it is best to stock ample food and drinks for the journey.


What to Expect

Tourists get to see stunning views of the coastal villages, explore ancient ruins, historic cities and public markets, immerse in the local culture, and simply enjoy a great sailing holiday in Croatian waters.


Aside from bareboat yacht sailing, tourists may sail around Croatia via catamarans and motorized yachts. There are plenty of boats to charter throughout the country as this is the most popular activity that tourists engage. For a most luxurious trip, one may also engage the service of a professional sailor and a private chef on board to concoct special dishes and drinks throughout the sailing holiday.

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