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Why Business Class Gets the Two Thumbs Up

Going on a luxury vacation isn’t always possible for a lot of people. So, whenever an opportunity comes, it should be enjoyed to the fullest. Planning to go on one very soon? If so, you should fly business class and enjoy amazing perks.


Enjoy excellent amenities for less

Services between first and business class may differ, but not that much. The amenities you will enjoy are as good as the first class, except that you paid less to enjoy them.


Enjoy a restful and relaxing flight

Depending on the airline, you get to choose the kind of seats to book. You can recline a cradle seat at around 160 degrees, allowing you to lean back as much as you want. Angled seats recline between 140 and 170 degrees, while flatbed seats recline at a 180-degree angle.


And that’s not all. If you choose your airline right, the kind of perks you will enjoy, both on and off the ground, are nothing short of amazing.

– Virgin gets the party started even before the flight takes off. In its Heathrow Clubhouse, travelers can enjoy the snooker table while waiting for their flights to be called. The company also takes in-flight entertainment to a whole new level. Along with an in-flight bar, you can enjoy pleasure before business.

– Etihad Airways has a menu that was developed in partnership with one of the many palaces in Abu Dhabi. Spiced lamb ouzi, Arabic mezze and rosewater rice pudding are just some of the treats you can enjoy. But what makes it different is that it’s pet friendly. Diamond class flyers can even bring two of their exotic pets.


– Iberia Airline treats its business-class passengers to an 8-star Michelin menu, serving pork cheeks with croutons, duck with Porto wine sauce and other dishes designed by Michelin chefs. So, on your next trip, fly business class.

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