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Where to Go for A Luxurious Swimming Pool Experience

Many people don’t go swimming to just go swimming. More than taking a dip and flapping a bit, there are those that want experience more unique than just getting in there and getting wet. And where can you better get such delight? From luxurious swimming destinations, of course. So, here are 4 of the best destinations where you are guaranteed to get the most luxurious swimming pool experience you can ever dream of!

Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas


Golden Nugget Mega-Casino has long been renowned for creating unforgettable oceanic experiences for its elite hotel and casino guests. Its crowning glory? The gigantic two hundred thousand gallon shark tank and the deluxe swimming pool surrounding it. Get up close and personal with harmless sharks circling within the tank. You might also want to take an exciting ride down the three-story waterslide which ends in pristine pool waters beneath.

Begawan Giri Hotel, Bali 


Begawan Giri Hotel offers the unique experience of luxurious swimming within a tropical forest in Indonesia. Soak up beneath the hot sun while out on the beautifully decorated hardwood deck which encroaches up to the infinity pool. The lush emerald waters and pearl white sands of Bali beaches only eclipse the marine water that compliments the beauty of Begawan Giri’s pool. 

Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai 


Dubai’s number 1 treasure house, the grand Al Qasr Hotel, is everything you would imagine of a luxury hotel. From accommodation to pool amenities, the place is nothing short of a palace. Its pool appears like a magnificent blue gem amidst astounding Arabian architecture. Take a dip into the sparkling pool waters and you are certain to feel as though you are one rich and powerful sultan.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Hotel Las Vegas


Exceeding expectations of beauty is the famed Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Palms Hotel Las Vegas. From architecture to waterworks, the swimming pool in this part of the hotel is entrenched with luxury and tasteful elegance. The swimming luxuries of the rich and the famous, these four destinations offer experience nothing short of amazing.

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