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Where to Enjoy Sushi with Amazing Luxury

Craving for some sushi? If you have serious cash to waste, you should head down to some of the most expensive sushi restaurants in America. Get ready to let your palate splurge and be in good company with celebrities and high rollers.



A New York eats, Kurumazushi is just a short distance from the Grand Central Station. If the ride left you famished, take a detour in this sushi restaurant, which is one of New York’s oldest. Enjoy a delectable omakase meal for only $300. Most diners come to Kurumazushi not only for the food, but also for the experience. Although the dishes change by the season, Head Chef Toshihiro Uezu, serves nothing but an unforgettable traditional experience.



If you find yourself relaxing in Beverly Hills, finish your day with a fancy dinner at Urasawa. For just $395, you can enjoy a 30-course omakase that includes grilled Wagyu beef. Some of the dishes are fortified with iron, not by way of vegetables, fruits or other food ingredients, but with 24 karat gold. According to head chef Hiroyuki Urasawa, the gold is included ‘for the iron’. Must be tiny specks if the meal only costs as much.



Masa is a highly acclaimed Japanese and sushi restaurant, known for their omakase meal, where you leave the selection to chef. The meal alone will cost you $450 per person, excluding drinks, tax and tip. If you want Wagyu beef with it, you’ll have to add another $150. If you have more than $600 to spare, Masa is a great place to unleash the foodie in you. Be sure to come with an empty stomach and a huge appetite, so you can fully enjoy the series of 20 to 25 courses that the restaurant serves. Since the menu varies by the season, you can dine at Masa again and again and never get bored.


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