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What You Should and Should Not Do Before Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is really quite exciting. Of course, you’ll get to explore places you’ve never been to before. Plus, you’ll have a chance to immerse in new cultures and traditions. But before you get excited though, keep in mind that rules may be different in other countries. Hence, it’s important to take the time to know what you should and should not do before your international trip.


  1. Make sure you are fit to travel. If possible, get all the necessary vaccinations to ensure you’re in the pink of health while you’re out of the country.
  2. Get insurance coverage. You’ll need it to protect you from the high cost of health care in other nations, as well as for your travel. The right coverage will pay for your lost luggage, cancelled flights and many more.
  3. Double-check your travel documents. You don’t want to be refused entry because your passport isn’t updated. 5777946713_b3c1e445d0_z
  4. Exchange your money with the right currency. This ensures you’ll have cash, which is what’s only accepted in certain countries.
  5. Check with your credit card company and your bank. Make sure you can use your credit card internationally. Also, it helps to be able to withdraw cash from an ATM machine, just in case.
  6. Verify any terminal or entrance and exit fees. So you don’t get any surprises.
  7. Buy your plane tickets as early as possible. This can give you discounted prices. Plus, you can get the best seats if you buy earlier.
  8. Buy maps and travel guides. Of course, these are to help you not get lost and be aware of what to do and what not to do when in certain countries.3864302015_0b8986c52a_b
  9. Confirm with your mobile carrier. Sometimes, international roaming can be very expensive. You might want to get a prepaid SIM instead.
  10. Find out about events happening on the date of your travel. If you don’t like crowded places, you might want to rethink about going to a country that will be celebrating a major event.
  11. Take chargers and adapters for your electronics with you. Nothing can be more annoying than not being able to charge your gadgets.
  12. Travel light. Unless, of course, if you have the cash to pay for baggage allowance. Also, make sure you pack the right clothes, e.g., swimsuits and light, breezy clothing when going to a tropical country.
  13. Get to the airport at least two hours before the flight. This should give you enough time to travel from your house to the airport and then check in your luggage.


Follow these tips and you’ll be enjoying our time abroad without worrying too much about anything.

Photos by: Hernán PiñeraAlper ÇuğunWilliam Cho and Christopher Elison

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