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What to see in Milan, floating architecture of Tomas Saraceno Hangar Bicocca

Space Time Foam

The pole Hangar Bicocca (via private Chiese 2) is a fine example of conversion of former industrial areas, for almost ten years is one of the main references in the Milanese artistic dimension and there are many exhibitions that have been all the rage thanks to the potential scenic which allowed this structure, then we mark the new installation of the Argentine artist Tomas Saraceno, which opened its doors today. It is called “On Space Time Foam” and as well as a visionary creation of elastic architecture, it promises to be a sort of amusement park (at least until the day of closing which is February the 3rd , 2013).

Space Time Foam

Space Time Foam

It reminds me of the design of the inflatable bridge over the Seine of which I had spoken days ago, the concept is quite similar and that the main element is suspended from the ground, On Space Time Foam is a floating structure constituted of three layers of transparent film.

Space Time Foam

Space Time Foam

You can read on the site of Hangar Bicocca that the work can be visited from both the ground floor and an upper floor (the experience lasts around 15 minutes) but is required to access this book on the spot and be an adult (must carry your identity card with you)

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