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What to see in London: movies with ninjas in the room

If you chew a little “English”, among the things you can do in London there is definitely an evening (or a matinee) in one of the cinemas in the city, but be careful to behave well during the movie and not make too much noise … The Prince Charles Cinema which is located in Leicester Place number 7 WC2H 7BY is the place where you can see everything from block buster Hollywood, fresh monographs on Halloween, the classic films which are more refined, it will be for this, not to disturb the attached and demanding customer base since the operators have populated the ninja movie theaters!

Cinemas with ninjas

Cinemas with ninjas

That’s right: it is a sort of volunteer actors, encased in dark overalls to Diabolik, which have the task to put in place the spectators who are unruly chattering, sending text messages or making sounds with their phone, kicking the seat in front and disturbing. Last but not least, if you stick your suit and you’re efficient, you can see the movie for free. The initiative, which at first was too scared someone, it was soon revealed itself funny and as you can imagine it has been largely successful, in fact, two other London cinemas are already opening army of ninja cinephiles. Now, I imagine that many will go there mainly for this reason and to remain a bit ‘distracted by the flow of the film, so may be returning to the movies to the delight of the receipts, it certainly would be interesting to see how this experiment should be in other European cinemas …

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