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What to see in Holland: the Festival of ice sculptures and Christmas in Amsterdam

Christmas in Amsterdam

We have already spoken of the events involving the city of Amsterdam in the coming weeks, but the Netherlands is not only Amsterdam and there are many places that offer attractions and events not to be missed. From the 8th of December to the 27th of January, for example, in the center of Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel returns the Festival of ice sculptures. The characters of the notes Grimm’s Fairy Tales will be carved into blocks of ice from various Dutch and international artists.

Ice sculptures in Amsterdam, by Albertien Enthoven, to raise awareness about climate change

Ice sculptures in Amsterdam, by Albertien Enthoven, to raise awareness about climate change

The event will be hosted in Rodetorenplein square, where you can admire interpretations and reproductions, among others, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, and Sleeping Beauty. In addition to the sculptures, the city will also host an ice hotel, where you can stay in a room made of snow and ice at a temperature of -8 degrees.

Christmas in Amsterdam

Christmas in Amsterdam

On the 11th of December in Gouda, in Zuid Holland, however, will take place the night of the candles, an evening where some can celebrate the arrival of Christmas with candlelight and songs.

The event will take place at the central market square, opposite the Gothic Town Hall, where they will turn off all the lights and lit the candles natural wax produced in the city. For the occasion, the churches and museums of the area will be open for visitation.

Photo 1:ronet, Photo 2:travelvivi

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