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In Costa Blanca is situated the tallest residential skyscraper in Europe

In Benidorm, Costa Blanca, was constructed the tallest residential skyscraper in Europe. The building consists of two towers, each consisting of 52 floors, joined at the top by an inverted cone, with a total of 200 meters in height. The front view shows how the structure shows the letter M and the number 11, a clear reference of the Madrid bombing of March 11, 2004.

Stunning visual will also be offered by the million windows of the structure , as the majestic skyscraper will be built right on the bay of Benidorm on a lovely outlook over 5 km long beach . The project, which is ready by 2010 and costed 45 million Euros, built by the architect Robert Perez- Guerra – author of three other skyscrapers of the bay.

Bathroom with sharks in Benidorm

In the footsteps of the aquarium in Bangkok, which has a spa where you can swim with the sharks in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca Terra Natura park reopens this week where you can swim with the stingrays and sharks. In the million and a half liters of water, says La Verdad , 20 species swim in the Mediterranean.

Terra Natura is the last of the four amusement parks of Benidorm, which follows the waterpark Aqualandia, mundomar the marine park and the amusement park Terra Mitica.

Playground Benidorm | Terra Mitica

If you happen to have many days for your Benidorm holidays, maybe next summer, you would want to take a break from the beach and sea by opting for a pleasant distraction that could be offered by the Terra Mitica theme park , which these days has started the tithing season of activity.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary , Terra Mitica will be open this year for more than 170 days, 50 more than the previous years, and will present many new characters and shows, to supplement those already present, including mechanical attractions , water sports, horror bungees, etc. .

Voted the best theme park in 2009 by the readers of the Spanish tourism portal Iberian, and voted by more than 110,000 people to the fourth edition of the Spanish National Tourism Awards, Terra Mitica offers some interesting promotions, such as free admission on the second day, the quick access to attractions, without the need to queue, and it does offer all-inclusive hotel + park to 56 € per day. Not bad right? .

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