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What are You – A Traveler or a Tourist?

Traveler and tourist are two terms that we often use interchangeably. But according to experts, the two are actually opposite or different from each other.


A tourist stands out from among the crowd, among the locals. They are easy to spot mainly because of their stature, the way they dress, the manner of their speech, and the nature of their trips.

A tourist keeps to the known paths and destinations, and does not wander off the beaten path. They are not necessarily afraid of losing their way or experiencing the unfamiliar. They simply enjoy the entertainments that major hubs and cities can offer, and so does not seek satisfaction elsewhere.


A tourist goes to a destination and seeks more or less comparable entertainment that they find at home. If they like hanging out in bars and pubs, they usually go to beaches with night parties rather in secluded fishing villages. It they are used to the solitary life, they like to go somewhere peaceful and quiet.


A traveler tries to immerse in the local culture, learn the language and be one with the locals – even to the point of eating and dressing like them. They may still be easy to spot because of the color of their skin and hair, or their physique, but they are no longer treated as strangers.


A traveler knows the miles of narrow and muddy footpaths to the most remote villages. They find repose and satisfaction in finding that rare gems that are far from the usual go-to places of most holidaymakers. They steer clear from the crowded hotspots, and would rather bathe in a hidden lake somewhere, basking in solitude and exclusivity.

A traveler seeks for the strange and peculiar. They do not want to experience similar things they enjoy back home and would go out of their way to experience new adventures to know their limits and conquer their fears.


So there you have it – the difference between a tourist and a traveler. So what are you – are you a tourist who simply wants to enjoy familiar entertainment, or are you a traveler who wants to seek new adventures every time you go on a trip?


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