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Visiting Turkey

Do you fancy a different journey but at the same time full of history and culture? This could be your ideal destination in Anatolia. But if time is short and you opt for a short stay, do not miss a visit to the region of the South-Eastern Europe. Turkey is a fabulous world to see and above all to live. Located on the edge of Europe it bridges between two continents, Turkey is a very attractive destination.

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A trip to Turkey is indeed an unforgettable experience; just 3 hours by plane from the United Kingdom you will be able to discover a charming and exotic, welcoming and full of history place. It is also called the cradle of the oldest civilizations of the Mediterranean.


The holidays in Turkey will offer you unique emotions and the feeling of living suspended between East and West, surrounded and fascinated by a land full of contrasts and landscapes of rare beauty. The offers for Turkey are all different and attractive: the seduction of Istanbul, the “fairy” valleys of Cappadocia, the myth of Troy, to the coast of Izmir, Ephesus and Miletus, where the Aegean blends with the Mediterranean and the history.

Turkey 3  offers opportunities and great packages that depart within eight weeks from holiday providers like Cosmos, Thomson, First Choice and many more specialist holiday brands: Turkey is a country full of beauty and hospitality: it boasts a pristine blue sea and white beaches fringed with pine forests, citrus groves and lush olive groves, but also hotels and villages and the high-level enviable position. Apart from the low rate offers offers to every visitor on their Facebook pagealong with the twitter page a 25$ holiday coupon.

What to do in Turkey

Turkey is a land of contrasts, where you can see the snowy peaks of Mount Ararat, observing the passing of the historic Tigris and Euphrates Rivers,visit the remains of the ancient Greek-roman city or take a gulet cruise along the coast, for more than a thousand kilometers. The golden beaches are lapped by the turquoise sea and call for water sports, snorkeling, fishing and windsurfing.

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A holiday in Turkey will remain in your heart, for its warm hospitality, good food, the beauty of its beaches and landscapes, and the color of the colorful bazaars in the narrow streets of historic cities.

Very interesting is the discovery of Istanbul, the folkloric and bustling capital of the country, the beautiful Bodrum with its luxurious yachts and always Izmir overlooking the sea.

You will find last minute deals and interesting proposals for vacation to the most beautiful resorts, Antalya and the Turquoise Coast, unforgettable gulet cruises and an interesting tour of Cappadocia.

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