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Travelling Luxurious New York on a Budget

New York City is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, a melting pot of cultures and ethnic background. However, most say that travelling to the “City that Never Sleeps” is not for someone on a budget. Is it really? Not if you have a game plan.

Here are some tips to enjoy the Big Apple without really breaking the bank:

Plan your trip ahead and book an off-season flight. 


If you are travelling from another country, air fares can be really expensive. But you can resolve this problem by planning to fly on the months of March or early April when plane tickets are cheaper. You can also opt to go in October and during winter. Of course, you should avoid purchasing your airline ticket in time for the Christmas season and do so before or after. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

Choose your accommodation wisely.


One good accommodation choice is a hostel over a hotel in NY. You can stay in one for under $50 and you can check out rave reviews from websites. Another way to do this is by asking friends who have gone to the city several times. There are many interesting places to see and you will be exploring most of the time so it does not really matter if you stay in a 5-star hotel or not. Do you have New Yorker friends? Perhaps you can stay with them and return the favor when they visit your country. Accommodation expense takes a chunk of your travel budget so it pays to be wise.

Eat and explore but spend less.


There are several restaurants and diners in NYC that serve great yet cheap food. For as low as $7, you can order lunch complete with soda, soup, entree and a fortune cookie from a Chinese restaurant. Also, use the subway instead of a cab or better yet, walk if you can. Walking 10 blocks along 5th Avenue is a breeze with other people on the streets. Enjoy the museums and Central Park. And instead of buying a ticket to visit places of interest, grab a map and do it yourself. It will make the experience more worthwhile.

Who says travelling to New York for less is not possible? It can be challenging but it can be done.


Photos by: John CunniffRussell Bernicemoonman82 and Can Pac Swire

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