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Traveling and Getting Married: 2 Luxurious Choices for a Destination Wedding

Do you have the same passion for luxurious traveling with your soon-to be wife? Why not make this special day unique and more memorable with a fantabulous destination wedding? The average wedding cost in America is over $30,000 with the expense for the wedding reception at about a little under $15,000. How much more if you will be flying out of the country to tie the knot?

Here are two places you might want to consider if money is not an issue:



How about a castle for your wedding reception and a wedding package of around $430,000? Everything about Belmond Hotel Caruso makes for a memorable stay, much more for a wedding. The spacious and luxurious suites, the service, views and amenities are great.  Every open space and guest room has a frescoed ceiling apart from the fact that this enchanting hotel is on a cliff, the highest point in Ravello and with the spectacular view of Mediterranean and the Amalfi Coast. This 5-star hotel charges from $700 to $4,500 a night.



If a luxurious beach destination wedding is what your bride-to-be wants, you can choose from one of the 700 islands of this Caribbean paradise. With white and pink sand beaches, clear, turquoise waters and diverse wildlife, this is a perfect place to say your wedding vows and spend intimate time with friends and family.


A wedding package can cost around $13,000 for 25 guests. This is just for the ceremony and reception. Hotel and accommodation is not included as well as the travel expenses.

Destination weddings can be expensive but if you have the money and passion for traveling, the experience and memories are worth every dollar spent, even if it means going over your budget.


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