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Travel-Friendly Gadgets to Bring with You

If you’re a typical modern-day human being, you probably have a couple of gadgets you use at home. However, not all of these devices are apt for travel, and you can only bring so much considering luggage restrictions and the inconvenience of towing or carrying heavy bags.

So what are the travel gadget must-haves?

  1. Mobile phone

A mobile phone these days is a multi-faceted device that, on its own, can help you accomplish a lot of tasks while traveling. A mobile phone can double as your camera, radio, alarm clock, torch and a whole lot more. If you can bring only one device, bring a powerful, handy mobile phone.


  1. Laptop or notebook

Some travelers go to places, but may need to work on something. Perhaps you want to take notes, read or write articles or ebooks, check on client responses, etc. A laptop is a telecommuter’s most important possession. A notebook with full browser and office suites is also as useful.


  1. Camera

Sometimes the camera in your phone isn’t enough to capture all those amazing photos. You might want to bring with you a more convenient yet powerful camera for taking those shots that are otherwise impossible to take with regular camera phones.


  1. Alarm clock with radio and torch

It’s a good thing to organize and value your travel time. While your mobile phone has these functions, it may run out of battery, and must be preserved for taking those important calls and messages. Bring an electronic clock with you to keep you on time.

  1. Power bank

A power bank is now a highly important gadget for travel. It’s frustrating to find your phone or camera is out of batter. But with a power bank, you can continue using your devices for longer periods.


Other gadgets worth taking with you include multi-way cables, power adaptor and selfie stick for that mandatory selfie shot. A travel iron is also handy when you’re up for some formal event. An electric water purifier helps keep you hydrated without fearing for your life.

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