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Touring Southeast Asia on a Chartered Luxury Yacht

When it comes to places where you can find unexplored wonders, Southeast Asia is your best bet. There is an abundance of untouched beauty that is best accessed by boat. So if you want a holiday in style, charter a luxury yacht to take you around the region’s most captivating isles. To help you plot your itinerary, here are some suggestions:



This archipelago is composed of 17,000 islands, making it a super yacht charter paradise. If you’re a true-blooded scuba diver, you’ll love it here, especially in the islands of Raja Ampat, where you will see a diverse array of coral reefs. Plus, its waters are warm, perfect for just swimming off your yacht. Aside from the remote coves though, Bali offers a cultural diversion while its beautiful volcanic landscape can be seen from boat’s sundeck.



This country may virtually be an unknown cruising haven, but Myanmar is now opening up to many opportunities, including private yacht charters. It has a sprawling coastline from the Andaman Sea to its border with Bangladesh. There is enough variety to ensure you’ll have plenty to see during your cruise. To start off your coast-hopping excursion, tour around the Mergui Archipelago where you will find 800 islands, coral reefs and crystal clear waters.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


These are composed of 572 islands that offer stunning beaches, remote uninhabited isles and an exhilarating volcanic backdrop. Thus, you can say that these islands are the ultimate super yacht charter destination. If you’re thinking of going here, the northern European winter would be the perfect time.



While Phuket may get much of the yacht charter action, Phang Nga Bay promises secluded cruises. Here, you will find sky-high limestone pillars, pristine waters and postcard-worthy scenery. Patong and Phuket also offer isolation with lagoons tucked away and fishing villages where you can buy fresh seafood from. These islands have super yacht charter companies that offer exclusive tours. If you want to travel in luxury and style, then renting a lavish boat will definitely give you the holiday you won’t regret.

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