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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Europe has many places that screams “romance”, which is why a lot of honeymooners think of it first as their choice of destination for days of marital bliss. Based on couple-friendly factors—accommodation, attractions, fine dining, etc—here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations in this alluring region of the world:


With its breathtaking scenery, this place lures newlyweds all year round. Here, you can spend time with your partner strolling past white-washed buildings, swimming in the Aegean Sea and climbing the craggy cliffs. Also, the divine seafood here will make your trip more unforgettable!



If you prefer leafy vineyards and cypress trees, than sandy beaches, then this place is your ideal retreat. You can have romantic moments sipping glasses of wine at a local winery before you explore the charming little towns and savor fantastic homemade pasta dishes.


Dubbed the City of Water, Venice conjures images of the Grand Canal, but there is more to this place than the enchanting scenery on narrow waterways and singing gondoliers. Also, you and your love can visit iconic sites during the day and savor crisp wine during the night.



A treasure trove of palm-fringed forests, lovely beaches and historical sites, this place certainly makes for a well-balanced honeymoon. When you are not trekking through the wonderful Samaria Gorge or strolling along the beach, you can indulge yourselves in rich Greek delicacies.



Shakespeare is truly romantic, and this place is said to be the inspiration of “The Tempest” backdrop. With the calm waves of the Ionian Sea and the wildflowers teeming its landscape, you can surely shed that wedding-planning stress that is still lingering.

Now, if you are about to get married and dream about Europe for your honeymoon, these destinations are the best choices you can have!


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