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Top 3 Destinations to Celebrate the New Year

Now that another year is fast approaching, families and adventurers are preparing to travel to destination places for a different New Year’s Day celebration. For others, preparations have started months ago. Reservations have been made, vacation leaves filed and plane tickets have been booked as early as a year ago. If you were not able to do these things but still want to travel, there are still interesting places to go to.

Here are the perfect places to be at when the clock strikes 12 on the last day of the year:


New York

One of the most popular places tourists and New Yorkers go to for the countdown is Times Square. Every year, millions of people go to this busy street to partake in a street celebration as a giant ball slowly descends from high above the Times Square building. Attended by celebrities as well, this yearly party has never failed to serve its purpose, welcoming another year as the world watches.


Rio de Janeiro

Aside from the famous Carnival Festival, Rio de Jainero comes alive every year in New Year’s Eve. Regarded as one of the world’s wildest and largest New Year’s Eve celebration, this event takes place at Copacabana Beach. With only a stretch of 2 ½ miles, the beach is filled with around two million people during this party. Locals are garbed all in white and the place is full of music and live entertainment. They also have a tradition to throw flowers into the sea as offering to the goddess of the sea.



If you want to witness the world’s largest fireworks on New Year’s Eve, head to Australia. Aside from being one of the major cities in the world that celebrate earliest because of its time zone, it lights up two iconic structures in the city with fireworks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.


Photos by: David KirschSacha Fernandez, and Christopher Chan

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