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Three shopping spots in Prague

Vetešnictví Dračka Milan, where we can translate it Vvetešnictví as junk  or a store with old things, the ones that no one wants and throws it away. When you enter in it, it feels like you are in another world, very dark and crowded with many things, all very different. Old postcards, sewing machines, musical instruments, books, maps, food, coffee, beer bottles, everyone can find what they want; it depends on what you like. Prices naturally are low, even lower if you chew a few words of Czech.

Address: Vítězná 16, Open from:  Monday to Friday, from 10 to 17.

Shops in Prague

Vetešnictví Dračka Milan

Hard de Core is the ideal place for “souvenir” which is a bit different, interesting, though designed with locals, like a salt shaker in the shape of an airship or earrings that looks like light bulbs (just to give you an idea). Here are objects of Czech design, in the form of accessories, ceramics, and decorations for internal but also of jewellery. The objects are of established designers or emerging ones, just the idea is unusual and the objects are well done.

Address:  Senovážné náměstí 10, from Monday to Friday from 10 to 19, Saturday until 17.

Hard de Core

Hard de Core

Papelote is another store of Czech design, which unlike the other is specialized in the paper, it seems boring, but if you try to look around, there’s always a reason to be surprised. With the guarantee of buying products that are made in the Czech Republic and they are made with environmentally friendly materials.



Photo 1: Koalie, Photo 2: feelhome, Photo 3:thefabweb

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