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Three Grand Tours to Sichuan Province, China

China is such a big country with loads of travel possibilities. While tourists find it easier to visit Beijing for its Great Wall and Forbidden City architecture, people love Chengdu in Sichuan because of its pandas and of course the renowned Sichuan pepper. But Sichuan has its own share of heritage sites, too, as you will soon learn.

Chengdu Tour


A Chengdu Tour typically lasts from three to five days to maximize the many wonders and attractions of the city. Here you can find giant pandas in their natural or manmade habitats. Giant pandas are categorically carnivores, eating rodents and smaller animals, although they also consume loads of bamboo and other grasses. Besides the giant pandas, Chengdu is famous for Taoism, which inspired the many temples, buildings and landscapes here. Some of the luxurious accommodations in Chengdu include Shangri-La Hotel, Kempinski Hotel and InterContinental Century City.

Sichuan Heritage Tour


This eight-day tour not only allows you to visit the giant pandas, it also lets you see two primary valleys in the Bifeng Gorge where some of the premier holidays happen. The Bifeng Gorge has many different kinds of water systems including scenic lakes, majestic waterfalls and cool springs. During the tour, you get the chance to visit the famous Buddhist Mountain of Emie. A full day is allocated for touring the Bifengxia Panda Reserve coupled with a sumptuous lunch. Another day is spent for the Taoism Mountain of Qingcheng. Then you have plenty of time marveling at the picturesque valleys of the province.


Panda Volunteer Tour

If you have at least six days to spare, you can work as a panda volunteer in Sichuan. The Jiuzhaigou Valley in the province is a perfect location for giant pandas to thrive along with other birds and animals. Sadly, giant pandas need protection and care. Volunteer tourists help collect food, feed and clean the pandas’ habitat, and even give them a bath. Volunteering is the closest you get to these gentle giants. But trust that this tour also lets you venture outside the panda reserve, and includes a sojourn to the famous Jiuzhaigou Valley or Fairyland in Sichuan.


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