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These Three Mega Cruise Ships Look Like Mini Cities

Wide dining options, cocktail nights, theatrical entertainments, and various spa treatments – there’s more to cruises than docking at various ports from around the world, visiting new cities, and enjoying dozens of activities. The cruise ship is an attraction itself.

From thousands of feet above the sea, cruise ships look more like small cities with curious attractions. These gargantuan ocean liners will make your jaw drop in awe.


Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

At 225,282 gross tons, this 1,187-feet-long luxury liner is, they say, the largest cruise ship in the world – the next being its sister ship Oasis of the Seas, which is smaller by just 50 millimeter or 2.0 inch. Allure of the Seas accommodates up to 6,318 guests and houses a crew of 2,384. And, probably, the most amazing thing about it is that it seven neighborhoods, including a central park dotted with trees. It also has a boardwalk that features games and carousel, a 3D movie theater, hangout spots for teens, a water park for kiddos, a fitness center, and a pool facility that features a beach pool, 10 whirlpools, and a Solarium pool for adults.


Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea

This luxury liner is not for the sit-back-cruise-and-relax type of cruisers. Boasting a whole neighborhood that offers fun and entertainment for guests of all ages, the Oasis of the Sea is a destination that awaits bold explorers. Enjoy some laps in its Sports Pool, conquer your fear of heights in its 82-feet-long-and-nine-deck-up zip line, enjoy some games in its full-sized basketball court, and explore dozens dining options at 150 Central Park. It is definitely an oasis in the middle of sea.


Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary is the only transatlantic ocean liner owned by Cunard Line, which is why it is designed differently than other passenger ships. It is heavy on luxury, boast of first-class accommodation and entertainment. At 151,400 tons and 1,130 feet, it boasts of 15 restaurants, 5 swimming pools, a ballroom, a theatre, and a casino. It also has a planetarium, the first of its kind at sea.


Photos by: Rennett StoweDave Herholz (3 images)

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