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The Trip of a Lifetime: Luxury Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for many things including its glittering skyscrapers, combination of sea and desert, ground-breaking architecture and world-class restaurants. It is also famous for its shopping, and where there were once only traditional souqs there are now vast shopping malls, including the world’s biggest. For shopaholics and fashionistas of the world, Dubai is now one of the top global destinations. Once you’ve booked your flights and packed up your credit cards, get ready to use them as here are some of the luxury shopping treats you can enjoy in this thriving metropolis.


Dubai’s Malls

Malls have become central to life in Dubai, and are the places where people go to escape the heat on the streets and socialise. To this end they contain much more than just shops and are a place to dine, drink and be entertained.

The Dubai Mall is the most famous and houses the largest collection of fashion brands under one roof of anywhere in the world. That’s quite a claim when you think about American malls, and Dubai is fast becoming one of the most important centres for fashion in the world. With huge collection of bridal, lingerie, Arabic and women’s fashion outlets, you will probably need to spend several days at the mall to explore it all.

Dubai’s Souks

For a traditional Arabic shopping experience head to the bazaars known as souks where you can shop for gold, saris, textiles, khanjar daggers and all manner of ornamental curiosities. Haggling is a cultural tradition and adds to the fun of shopping at the Deira covered market or the Gold Souk. Whatever price is originally quoted, try haggling the proprietor down to half the price to get closer to the item’s true value.

Carpets and Rugs

If you are at all interested in interior design or textiles then the carpets and rugs sold in Dubai are sure to take your interest. They are renowned for being the best in the region, and many of them are beautifully handmade from high-quality wool. Learn how to spot lanolin-rich wool before you shop and be prepared to haggle to ensure you spend your money wisely.

Gold and Jewellery

Dubai is also renowned for being a place where you can get great prices on gold and branded jewellery. Haggle for items at the Gold Souk and you could agree on a price that is much lower than what you could expect to pay for the same amount of gold back home. You can buy genuine Rolex watches for cheaper than anywhere else in the world as well as a range of other luxury accessories. Check out prices at home before you go so that you can easily spot a bargain.

It’s the mix of cutting-edge fashion and traditional items that makes shopping in Dubai such a unique experience. Have you recently come back from a shopping trip? What would be your top retail tips for other visitors?

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