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The old port of La Rochelle in France

La Rochelle has a history as old as that of many other European cities, as its foundation dates back to the tenth century. This is not the most important thing about the castle since it acquired importance rapidly thanks to its port, which is open to the Atlantic routes. Things like: Knights Templar, Huguenots, King of France and Cardinals Richelieu, wars and sieges happened in the place, until it became an important naval base during World War II Nazi. In short, it is an excellent location for an adventure novel.

Port of La Rochelle in France

Port of La Rochelle in France

The historic center of the city is very well maintained and preserved, surrounded by a circle of walls, open to the public for a walk. It is located out into the old port, the heart of the city which is now the main tourist destination of La Rochelle, with a lot of walk and seafood restaurants. Obviously you cannot miss a visit to the three guard towers at the port (Tour St. Nicolas, Tour de la Chaine and Tour de la Lanterne), although the climb is not always easy.

There are 80,000 people, overlooking the Atlantic and the harbor, protected from the fury of the sea, the bay and the neighboring island of Re, which since 1988 has been connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is situated halfway from Nantes, 140 km away and 190 km from Bordeaux, today the city is also served  as an airport, where several low cost land.

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