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The most expensive addresses in London (and how to get to them)

Let’s face it: London ain’t cheap, and it isn’t getting any cheaper. And with some of the most famous and wealthiest people on the planet calling London their home, you can best bet that there’s more than a handful of luxurious homes to be found in London.

With the average home in the UK costing around £316,000, this is chump change in comparison to some of the most expensive houses in London; (with the most obvious one being Buckingham Palace, which is worth around $1.56 billion!) And although you can easily enjoy a London pub crawl in the glitzy West End district, or stroll past Gringotts Bank or the fancy-pants Ministry of Magic on a free Harry Potter tour, the following addresses are where the “real” muggles’ money is at in the English capital:

One Hyde Park

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With private spas, panic rooms, wine cellars, and even a virtual golf course, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that One Hyde Park is often called “the most expensive apartment block in the world.” As a matter of fact, some of the wealthiest people on the planet (ranging from Arab sheikhs, Russian real-estate tycoons and Ukrainian billionaires) are believed to own apartments in this super-exclusive building, which boasts everything from a squash court, panic rooms, and even a virtual golf course. The luxury apartments in this complex overlooking the nearby Hyde Park cost anywhere from the £18.5 million to £18.25 million,  although one of the most luxurious penthouses in the building sold for £140 million in 2014.

Nearest station: Knightsbridge

The Knightsbridge Apartments

Just a short walk away from the Harrods department store and next to 10 Lancelot Place and Trevor Square is another apartment complex with costs fit for a king. The building (which contains 205 separate apartments) recently made headlines as the most expensive property ever listed on the Land Registry after the owner of Capital FM (Ashley Tabor) purchased a flat here for a whopping £90 million. The flat is actually right next to his current apartment, and he plans on expanding both flats into one massive 15,000-square-foot “super penthouse” consisting of 10 bedrooms and two kitchens, a playroom and even a cinema.

Nearest station: Knightsbridge

The Boltons

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With 28 mansions on this super exclusive street in South Kensington, these addresses are so sought-after that they are rarely put up for sale; and when they are, the costs are astounding (to say the least). Just last year, a Victorian mansion on the western side of street (at #22) was sold for £40 million (or £4,000 per square foot), and it boasts eight bedrooms, six bedrooms and even a 100-foot-long-garden. As a matter of fact, the house itself is about ten times larger than the average UK home, and just the master bedroom occupies the entire first floor!

Nearest station: Earl’s Court

77 Mayfair

Considered as one of the most popular properties in London among rich folk, the apartments inside this address can cost you anywhere from £21.75 million to £22.8 million (if you have the cash for it, that is) with penthouses costing around £7,000 per square foot on average). All of the residents are graced with a communal leisure pool, gym, hair salon, jacuzzi, sauna, and a 24-hour concierge managed by the nearby Harrods, but the most expensive penthouse at the address has its own cinema room, roof terrace and even servants quarters downstairs (because why not).

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Nearest stations: Marble Arch and Green Park

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