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The Measure of Luxury Travel – What Should You Expect?

While half of today’s globetrotters prefer pocket-friendlier vacation, some don’t mind paying more if it meant getting opulent comfort and convenience. However, the pleasures of budget travel may be understated in that many of today’s vendors have started to offer more for less. What edge then does luxury travel have when the experience that budget travel provides is now catching up to its level?

Value for Money

In every aspect of consumerism, we all ask value for money. Things should meet if not exceed our every expectation. If we pay double the price for a meal, we expect double quality and/or quantity. We pay extra amount for extra service or extra amenity. This same principle works with luxury travel industry. Luxury vacationistas expect nothing but pure indulgence and lavish treatment in exchange for the hefty price they pay. Anything less is a rip-off.


Luxury Branding

Travel vendors that market their products and services as luxury or five-star or world-class actually have to validate their claim. As for hotels, there is a standard rating to categorize hospitality businesses. The lowest hotel rating is one star or Tourist Grade for basic accommodation. A five-star hotel or Luxury Grade offers first class accommodation and services, as well as additional facilities. Some exceptional hotels exceed five-star expectations, but the highest rating is still five stars.


Misleading Labels

Travel blogging and social media have come a long way in motivating people to satiate their wanderlusts by providing information on the ins and outs of a particular destination, which is otherwise hard to come by years ago. However, bloggers aren’t always credible in the way they label or brand travel vendors, especially if they are writing marketing stuff on behalf of the business. This means that what’s luxurious or basic for them may not actually be true according to the generally accepted standards. In addition, some negative or positive reviews can’t be taken seriously as they are misleading or non-factual.


The best measure of luxury travel is personal experience, sad to say. One person’s idea of immoderation may actually something ordinary for another. And some people, no matter how wealthy they may be, don’t really want to spend so much on travel knowing they can have the time of their lives with middle-class vendors.


Photos by: Simon Pielow (3 images) and Steve Bennett

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