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The longest canyon in Europe is that of the river Tara in Montenegro

Montenegro (Crna Gora)

The Tara River is a beautiful river in Montenegro and it is known to most for its 82 km length, which is enough to make it the longest canyon in Europe. The canyon, which has earned the nickname of Montenegro Colorado, is located within the Durmitor National Park and since 1980 has earned a place among the world heritage sites protected by UNESCO. For this, they were able to convince the Government of Montenegro, to give up plans to build a dam.

Montenegro (Crna Gora)

Montenegro (Crna Gora)

The Canyon, generally took with them also the waterfalls and Tara is no exception to this rule, but rather than that it has over 40, among which the most famous are those of Djavolje Lazi, Sokolovina and Bijeli. Along the way, there are so many opportunities to be in contact with nature, you can walk and watch the mountains and the river, from one of several terraces above it.

Tara river

Tara river

Of the 82 miles of Canyon, more than 60 are accessible to the rafters, even though, normally the path is dealt with in several days. So if you’re wondering why Lonely Planet has indicated Montenegro as one of the 10 places to visit in 2013 (second to be precise) start checking the river Tara, the sea and the longest fjord in Europe.

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