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The Friends Coffee House in Prague

Friends Coffee House

I do not know if it ever happened to you, but my first impulse, when I wander for a city that I know of, the first thing that I do is to find points of reference that reassure me. The church as there is in my city, the building that looks like the one close to my house, people who dress like me, and so on. Which is surprising, because when you are traveling, we should look for different, surprising, differences, otherwise why do we travel?  It is surprising, but also very human …

Friends Coffee House

Friends Coffee House

And so it results that when you travel, you end up eating in the usual places, perhaps in an Italian restaurant or a Mc Donald, taking the usual cappuccino, as if to console the distance from home, when in fact, it would be enough to give vent to curiosity, to find the unusual even in a bar which is located in a city like Prague. The Friends Coffee House is an example. An example of another type of bar, where another stands for other than those reassuring but all the same large chains that have a Starbucks style. A cozy and spacious cafe, usually very quiet, which offers quality, value for the price (of the series, in Prague sure to find many local cheapest, but perhaps not with the same quality …)

Friends Coffee House Interior

Friends Coffee House Interior

Within different spaces, each with its own character, like that of the mundane “winter garden”, completed with a mini fountain kitsch, one room of your home, fulled with a favorite chair, the open space which do so after work drink, or whatever the library, which is such a cultural center of the district and in the back there is also a children’s corner, small place with small colored plastic chairs. It has a selection of coffees and teas, plus the chance to munch hot bagels or sandwiches made with baguettes, clearly inspired by French, you can also ask for the house wine. There is also Wi-Fi available, which is good.

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