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The desirable locations of the west coast of Scotland

While the UK is teeming with desirable locations to settle down in, there’s really nothing like the sights of the west coast of Scotland, with a range of beautiful locations and culture that you could appreciate for a lifetime.

west coast of Scotland

With houses for sale in Glasgow and flats to rent in Paisley, the property market is booming in the west of Scotland. And, there are a host of luxury locations to enjoy as you live there, with an array of great restaurants, nightlife and architecture to help you while away your days.

Life on the west coast of Scotland brings with it everything that makes Scotland great – beautiful views, a vibrant culture and an array of wonderful properties to live in.

So, have a look at this rundown of some of the fantastic places you can visit on the west coast of Scotland, and bear in mind that they represent just a fraction of the joys of this beautiful region.


If there’s one thing that Paisley has in spades, it’s a series of beautiful churches that stand as a testament to time and architecture. Paisley Abbey, for instance, was originally founded in 1245 and is still operating today in what is an awe-inspiringly intricate building.

The Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church has stood for a somewhat smaller period of time, it was built in 1885, but is still an impressively dominant Gothic feature of Paisley’s skyline, and both are well worth a visit for appreciators of truly stunning architecture.


The place to be for a fun night out is undeniably Glasgow, with a seemingly endless range of nightclubs and theatre locations that will keep almost every disposition happy.

For the avid clubber, there’s a venue for every occasion, with nightclubs such as The Garage, The Cathouse and Nice ‘n’ Sleazy offering a wild party whenever they’re open.

But, if you’re after a more relaxed evening, the country’s largest city is teeming with a love for the stage, with the Pavilion Theatre offering light entertainment, while the Theatre Royal gives you the chance to witness the finest in high art, from ballets to operas and much more.

Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to nightlife in this bustling city – the real fun comes in simply exploring it for yourself and finding the excitement that suits you.

Places to eat

The west coast is the home to some great grub, with Paisley’s Bella Roma offering a great Italian dining experience and a menu that will whet the appetite of any fan of pasta, pizza and other fine Italian delicacies.

Back in Glasgow, the food choices are astounding, with Cafe Gandolfi, the city’s longest standing restaurant, providing a menu that has been honed for three decades to give you nothing but the best in Scottish cuisine.


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