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The Best Accessories for Your Yamaha Motocross Bike

It takes a unique and adventurous rider to delve into the field of motocross, and it takes a special kind of bike to handle the abuse of off-road racing.

Before going full speed down a mountainside, you may want to purchase some additional yamaha bike parts and upgrades to protect your investment.

Heavy Duty Tubes and Tires

Heavy duty tubes and specialty off-road tires will likely be the best decision you make. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the woods because a jagged ridge punctured your tire. Heavy duty tubes and tires are generally twice as thick as standard tires, reducing the risk of blow-out and puncture.

Skid Plates

Skid plates are designed to protect the underside of your engine, and if you plan on riding a lot of trails and endurance treks, a quality plate can save you a lot of money in repairs later on down the line. It is true that some bikes come preinstalled with factory plates, but these may not be up to the standards of your way of riding.

Hand Guards

When zooming down a hillside at top speeds, the last thing you want is for your knuckles to get cracked by a piece of flying debris. Hand guards help to prevent this type of injury by creating a shield over your grips.

Spare Tools

While not an accessory per se, spare tools are essential to adventure riding. You never know what can go wrong and having the right set of tools may be the difference between continuing your ride or being stranded.

Hydration Pack

Also, not necessarily a motorcycle accessory, a hydration pack can be tremendously helpful when endurance riding. Staying hydrated means that you can be out on the trails longer, having a blast tearing through trees and landscapes.

While there are other OEM atv parts that can be helpful as you begin your journey into motocross and adventure riding, the above five items are an excellent place to start. You can reach out to your local motorcycle parts dealer for more information and options.

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