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The 5 best luxury holiday destinations for 2014


Italy in its amazing boot shape is a fine destination for those seeking to spice up their travel with luxuries of every kind. Its wealth of attractions range from ancient glamour and elegant architecture, rustic sceneries in the rolling countryside’s to the spectacular sandy beaches and seductive islands which will overwhelm all your five senses. Milan lures you with its Armani’s, Prada’s and Versace whilst Tuscany welcomes you to its fantastic foods and exclusive wine selection, along with some of the best luxury villas to rent in Italy. The Amalfi coast beckons you to its exceptional cliff coastline whilst Umbria offers solace with its scenic beauty.

Luxury Holidays

Luxury Holidays


France never stops at anything in flaunting its prized possessions of luxury at every turn; whether you are seeking an exceptional ski experience in the Alps, staying in one of the many a dreamy catered ski chalets, or a romantic escape in the capital of Romance Paris or seeking to tread off the beaten track in French Polynesia, you are never going to be disappointed in France. The ‘City of Lights’ Paris is one of the most expensive on the planet showcasing its historic boulevards, dignified hotels, divine restaurants and tempting boutiques gives an unbeatable sense of luxury at every angle. High up the Alps the luxurious ski resorts continue with the unbeatable trend.


Greece prides itself in its thousands of islands some inhabited and some empty, the miles of sandy beaches, ancient history and magical sites.  It is a place with some of the world’s best resort towns offering luxurious accommodation from glamorous villas to gorgeous hotels for those who want more during their holidays. There are also luxurious cruises to navigate the islands and a range of restaurants in every island each competing to give the best in gastronomy treats. You can stay on the most popular islands and enjoy the night parties or retreat to quiet islands where you are the owner of the island being waited on for your every need.

Luxury Holiday Destinations

Luxury Holiday Destinations


Cyprus is one of the many islands of Greece with an interesting history all showcased in its architectural designs. It is lined up with magnificent beaches offering luxuries of every kind not forgetting its gorgeous cities which host a number of archeological treasures. Activities here never end, lazing along the glistening beaches, water sports or site seeing, Cyprus will enchant you. There are a number of international hotels in Cyprus for those seeking five star accommodations and luxurious villas with breathtaking sea views for a more private kind of holiday. Luxury holidays in Cyprus will never be forgotten…


Morocco is one of Africa’s top luxurious destinations offering everything from towering mountainous landscapes to vast tracts of golden desert sands and laid back beaches to bustling cities and quiet mountain top villages. The ancient towns such as Fez and Rabat offer traditional charm whilst cities like Marrakech offer a little bit of modern and ancient. There are world class hotels which include championship golf courses and if you are looking for an exotic cultural experience then you can opt for luxurious riads and palaces for a bit of Berber charms.

Holiday photos: Scotts Castle Holidays, Jones Brown.

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