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Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 – Which makes the best travel phone?

Globetrotters these days have a personal travel buddy, their smartphone. From booking airfares to finding routes, this mobile technology has made travel fun and easy—so easy in fact you can arrange for all your travel needs (flights, hotels, transport, restaurant booking, etc.) on the palm of your hands.

galaxyBut here’s something you and many others probably would like to know: Which makes the best travel phone? Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6?

Well, let’s see…


Samsung has always been conservative and practical in its design with its latest flagship being water- and dust-resistant and having removable battery. But iPhone 6 proves to match that with its sleek, industrial look and all-aluminum unibody. Even with its camera sensor protruding at the back, scuffing won’t be a problem as Apple made sure it is protected with sapphire glass. In fact, in SquareTrade’s recent “breakability” index, iPhone 6 was noted to be the ‘toughest’, beating out Galaxy S5 as the most durable among phones with screen larger than five inches. So, if you’re looking for a phone that can ride out a rough ride, iPhone 6 it is. If you fear getting your phone soaked though, you’re better off with Galaxy S5.



When it comes to display quality, both brands did an excellent job, with Apple finally meeting market demand for a large-screen iPhone. You can use both to take quality travel photos if you’re not so fond of lugging around with a bulky DSLR.


It is okay to plug off from the world wide web when you’re out on an adventure, but internet connectivity is something you wouldn’t want to live without when you are in a strange country and the only reliable help you can find is online. The iPhone 6 support an amazing number of FDD LTE bands (15 to be exact), while the Galaxy S5 supports only 7. Nonetheless, both phones can use VoLTE if available.

sam iphone


Durable and widescreen—iPhone 6 seems to have it all. But no, it has failed to essentially kill off the last advantage Samsung phones have, battery life. While a notch better than iPhone 5’s five hours capacity, iPhone 6’s 6-hours-and-22-minutes battery life is still no match for Galaxy S5’s 14 hours of talk time. So, which makes the best travel buddy for you?

iphone releaseSamsung and iPhone photos by osseous and World Leaks

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