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Panoramic view of Chicago from John Hancock Observatory

If we Europeans dream of New York, Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles across the ocean, we should dream of Chicago, probably the most dynamic cities in the U.S. (at least at this time). I has not only cultural events and nightlife but also avant-garde in various areas of everyday life, including architecture.



The most obvious symbol of the architectural sign of our times has the skyscrapers, which Chiacago create a skyline that has little to envy to that of the lower Manhattan. People should admire one of the best vantage points of the city, capable of royal breathtaking panoramic views, 360-degree (weather permitting), it is the observatory of the John Hancock Center, the 4th skyscraper height of Chicago and the sixth in the U.S.

View from John Hancock Observatory

View from John Hancock Observatory

The observatory, which is located outside the 94th floor of the skyscraper, has to allow (always in the best days) the view of 4 states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. If you only get there, you can take the fastest elevator in the U.S., which makes the journey (94 floors) in just 39 seconds. After that you can see children play areas, a bar that prides itself on serving one of the best espressos in the city, and from January to March, even an ice rink.

John Hancock Observatory

You can enter at 875 North Michigan Avenue, 365 days a year, from 9 am to 11 pm and the tickets cost $ 15 for ages 12 to 65, an $ 13 for over 65, $ 9 from 4 to 12 years. As an alternative to Chicago, you can try the Ledge, a glass terrace that is 400 meters tall.

Photo 1: Wiki, Photo 2+3: Effie3

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