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Organise a trip to the luxurious Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has become a popular tourist destination and can be comparable to major European cities. It is also one of the safest cities in the world and therefore ideal for stays of longer or shorter periods. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind when planning to visit this beautiful city.

As part of a planning a trip to Dubai, you have to take into account your financial budget, given that there are so many luxury hotels that will actually blow your mind, such as Burj Al Arab and One and Only The Palm. Start by searching on the internet for sites which provide a long list of hotels, explaining in detail their features.

Burj Al Arab - Zoco Madinat

Burj Al Arab – Zoco Madinat

Another way to organize your holiday there is to rely on valid tour operators. In this case I would advise you to choose one who is well known for its tours for those who want to vacation in luxurious places like Dubai. In this way you can be sure of the prices of your stay and all the amenities of the hotel where you plan to stay. Depending on where you live, choose the departure airport closest to your home and, if possible, try to opt for the direct flight.



After you have booked your holiday in Dubai, you should be concerned of the transfer from airport to your hotel and vice versa. For that, you will need to do some careful consideration. First check if it is included in the offer of the trip, otherwise you have to get a taxi to get there. Alternatively, make sure that the hotel where you will go provides shuttle service to and from the airport, which allows you to get to your destination without too much trouble.



During a holiday in Dubai are so many things to do, from spending the day in its beautiful beaches to exlporing the various sites of interest. To move around, you can count on the metro, which is about 100 kilometers long and will allow you to see so many local sites.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

For nightlife, in case you want to go to a bar or a club, there will be no need of huge movements, as these places are already in the hotel. Remember that Dubai is a very safe city, so respect the local rules and do not abuse alcohol, because here the law is inflexible for drinkers and for those who drive while intoxicated. If you respect the rules of civilized life, your holiday in Dubai is sure to be memorable and unique.

Dubai photos by: JORGE, Eugene Kaspersky, KhanSaqib

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