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Only the Finest Things at Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay

Hawaii is already exquisite in itself, but to top it off there is Four Seasons Resort Lanai that offers guests some of the finest things in life.

Upon arrival, the friendliest and most knowledgeable crew would greet and help guests settle down. Guests are ushered to well-appointed and spacious suites for some relaxing time, with a generous view of the Hawaiian panorama of the nearby beach and the pool below. The sunsets here are breathtaking, bringing lasting memories of an expensive yet satisfying holiday.


The resort offers garden tours where guests get firsthand experience picking fresh produce to be part of their meals or snacks, and a choice to engage in short classes on sushi rolling, sake tasting and cooking.

Hawaii’s natural paradise is even more enhanced with the resort’s Waterfall Gardens, which blends harmoniously with the island’s innate beauty. Guests who do not have the capacity to roam around beyond the resort can simply enjoy the magical landscapes and architectures of the resort, or frolic at the waterfront.


To those who want more adventure, they can board the resort’s sailing yacht or catamaran that takes guests to some of the islands most gorgeous locations – coves, beaches, and inlets. Other than water rides, guests may explore the inner sections of the resorts and the island with either a riding horse or a 4×4 truck. For those who want to venture into town may ride the complementary shuttle without minding about time constraint.


Enjoying the rich marine life is likewise a huge pastime for many guests as snorkel and basic diving gear are complementary. There is a world-class golf course within the perimeter for some friendly competition, offering the most fascinating views of the sea and the resort.

Other exclusive activities to be had while staying at the resort includes dolphin and whale watching, oil paint portrait, island excursion, and intimate dinner consisting of five courses prepared by the resort’s chef.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai is truly a paradise within a paradise, offering so much value for every dollar spent. Guests are treated like royalty, and one can only expect the best service and finest amenities there.


Photos by: Nicholas Illusionfank209, and Andy Beal

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