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Now’s the Time to Play the Euromillions Lottery….With Free Tickets!

Players that have been waiting to participate in the Euromillions lottery are running out of excuses not to. Now, there is one fewer., an official reseller of Euromillions tickets, is offering 5 free tickets a week to one lucky winner. To qualify, players must follow @_lotteries on Twitter and reTweet their weekly message.



Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? It is. Every Friday, shortly before the drawing for the lottery is held, one contestant will be chosen for the 5 free tickets. That contestant will be eligible to win a variety of prizes, including the jackpot, which is currently at 152 million €. is holding this competition as a way of thanking new players. These people already know how easy it is to use the website and this is a show of gratitude for their support. It’s also a fantastic way of introducing new players to a convenient way to participate in an exciting lottery.

Before, the lottery was was only open to citizens of the 9 participating European nations. While it enjoyed tremendous popularity, the pool of players was limited and that in turn limited the size of prizes players were winning. unlocked the lottery to the entire world by giving people the ability to play over the Internet. With an expanded audience, the lottery will become that much more exciting. Prize sums will increase and the jackpot will more frequently reach its 190 million Euro limit. That’s right: 190 million. While its hard to imagine how to spend that much money, its fun to try.

And when playing via, players have more time for that sort of daydreaming. The process has become much easier with the website, involving 4 easy steps. Then, players must simply wait to see if they’ve won anything and see the prize sum appear in their bank account. will do all the heavy lifting.

For now though, is offering an even easier way to play for those active on Twitter. If you can spare a few minutes to reTweet a short message and follow, then you may find yourself the winner of 5 free tickets and possibly more. There is nothing to lose except a few moments of your time. For more information, you can find under the username @_lotteries on Welcome to the new world of lotteries and happy playing!

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