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Myanmar: Experiencing an Exclusive and Unique Kind of Holiday

Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. It is a Southeast Asian nation that borders, Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. Although this country falls far behind from its neighboring nations, anyone who has traveled here cannot deny the fact that it is a place where natural wonders and exclusive and unique travel experiences abound.

Here are some of the one-of-a-kind adventures you can enjoy in Myanmar:


Enjoy some peace and quiet on Macleod Island

This idyllic atoll is located in the Myeik Archipelago. It is considered by many as the island paradise of everyone’s fantasies. Here, you can check in at the Andaman Resort, which is the only accommodation available here. But rest assured you won’t be disappointed as it offers nothing short of five-star luxury. What makes this resort the greatest in all of Burma is that it is situated in the midst of unspoiled natural beauty with caves and mangroves.


Cruise along the Irrawaddy River on a paddle steamer

A ride on this steam boat will take you back in time before the Second World War. This beautifully renovated boat will let you float along the Mandalay to Bagan. It’s not everywhere that you get to ride in such a vintage beauty. So, make sure to book a cruise trip when you get to Myanmar to experience a one-of-a-kind colonial comfort and elegance.


Fly over Bagan in a hot air balloon

What makes Bagan a popular tourist attraction is that it is a place strewn with pagodas. In fact, many consider it the most enchanting landscape in the planet. In the 11th and 12th centuries, monarchs built over 10,000 Buddhist stupas on the plains. Today, only 2,500 of them remain. To fully appreciate just how magical this place is, it’s best to view it from a hot air balloon.

There are other remote destinations in Myanmar. But some of them may not be open to foreigners. So, it’s best to check with your local travel agent before planning trip.


Photos by: KX StudioAlexander Mueller, and Wikimedia (2 photos)

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