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Malaysia | A modern and tropical destination

Malaysia grew rapidly in an economic and technological powerhouse of Asia, but refuses to eliminate the character of absolute tropical destination. You’re first stop on your journey must necessarily be the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. A beautiful, bright, cheerful and unpretentious town, where the green is everywhere.

Malaysian people

Malaysian people

The squares and the local markets, the twin skyscrapers Petronas, which recently lost the lead by the Al Khalifa, the clean city and the beautiful and cheerful locals welcome you! Modern and vibrant, the city has managed to marry his legacy evolution. Discover the caves Batu, which are famous for the pilgrimage, the monkeys and fireflies flying around that will give you one of the most beautiful nights of your life.

Petrona Twin Tower

Petrona Twin Tower

Leaving behind the impressive Kuala Lumpur, discover the real tropical paradise of Malaysia, a country endowed with unique natural environment. Exquisite landscape that make the tropical vegetation, the legendary rain forests, steep mountains, hills with endless tea plantations, the branched rivers, small islands overgrown, trees touching the sea and the endless miles of beautiful beaches framed of modern cities, quaint villages and luxury hotels.

Rain Forest, Malaysia

Rain Forest, Malaysia

The magic does not stop there, as Malaysia is a great country with many cultural ramifications. Typically, the inhabitants, who are renowned for their friendliness, is the vast majority of indigenous Muslims in Malaysia and Chinese. In the modern tropical Malaysian encountered many different cultural and ethnological data, the heterogeneity of which, however, seems to be coexistence and waiting to thrill you!

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By Nicole P.

Malaysia photos: Nomadic Samuel, Mohamad Zaidi, Kenny Teo.

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