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Make the Most of an Exorbitant Oslo Holiday

Oslo, Norway tops the charts for consistently being one of the most expensive cities around the world. Taxi fares are exorbitant and accommodations are hefty as hefty can get. Still, you can make your Oslo holiday a memorable and enjoyable one.

L'opéra d'Oslo (Norvège)

Save on Tickets

To save on airline tickets, request for exclusion of certain “extras” such as checked baggage and airline meals. Check if you’re flying aboard Oslo’s Dreamliner jets. If you’re plane is switched to another plane, you’re normally issued a refund or free rebooking. Opt for a winter trip when Oslo tourism is off peak.

Buy Oslo Pass


Oslo Pass gives you free access to more than 30 museums and destinations, public transport, municipal parking spaces outdoor swimming pools, walking tours, concert tickets, ski and bike rental and special discounts at restaurants and leisure spots. It comes in three choices: 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. If you’re a sightseeing addict, buy the 72-hour pass to save on entrance fees, which normally costs 150 NOK each.

Adult pass: 24 hours (290 NOK), 48 hours (425 NOK), and 72 hours (535 NOK)

Child/Senior pass: 24 hours (145 NOK), 48 hours (215 NOK), and 72 hours (270 NOK)

Save on Booze


Booze is heavily taxed in Oslo, so expect them to be pricey. Your best solution is to buy a bottle of alcohol in duty-free shops, and enjoy a shot or two every night before you hit the bars. Once in the bar, you no longer need to buy so much, just one alcoholic drink will do. Another alternative is join Oslo Crawl, an organized bar tour that gives you alcoholic treats and some discounts for 199NOK.

Save on Food


Food is also expensive in Oslo. A restaurant meal costs around 200NOK, while fastfood costs around 100NOK. To save on food, buy from local markets, cook your own meals and pack lunches and snacks for day tours. If you like, bring a couple of easy-to-cook food packs from home. Check out farmers markets in the weekends to reload your supply. Eat at Grünerløkka library café where you can have snacks for under 20NOK.

Save on Accommodation

Since you’ll be cooking your own food, you might as well find an apartment or a cheap studio room with kitchenette. Book for your accommodation in advance. You can normally get an apartment for around 500NOK a week. Other budget-friendly accommodation options include staying at hostel (so few of them in Oslo) and camping (free at Ekeberg Park).

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