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Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile – Luxurious Living under a Waterfall

Nothing can be more magical and enchanting than Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile. Situated in the heart of Chilean Patagonian Rainforest in the famous Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, Magic Mountain Hotel allows guests to have a fairytale kind of holiday combined with wildlife and eco-tourism indulgence.

The hotel is built within 600 square kilometers of Chilean forest, privately owned and maintained by Víctor Petermann. The reserve was originally intended for exclusive fishing and hunting, and Mr. Petermann had envisioned a unique structure to accommodate his hunting friends in the middle of the wilderness.


Today, the opulence and uniqueness of Magic Mountain Hotel is hard to ignore. Named after Mr. Petermann’s favorite book, the hotel’s design is inspired by a mountain with magical powers to grant wishes. The hotel appears as a rock mountain cut out from a large boulder, from the topmost portion springs a cascading waterfall that pours down the hotel’s windows and walls, as if bathing and purifying it. Local artisans built the hotel using indigenous materials from nearby communities.


There are 12 rooms in the Magic Mountain Hotel, and each has a private bathroom, central heating, closet, telephone and safe. Amenities include playroom for children, mini golf course, reading room, restaurant, bar, laundry service, sauna, wifi, indoor and outdoor pools, wet and dry sauna, and tubs made out of huge tree trunks filled with naturally heated water. Guests may also indulge in different outdoor activities including horseback riding, rafting and hiking.


The hotel is open all year round, with the local weather being generally sunny, with very hot summers from December through February. Skiing is available during the months of July and August. Outdoor activities such as hiking and rafting are best enjoyed from September to November, and from March to April. Since there are limited rooms, advance booking is necessary.


Regular room rates are: US $250 -$400 / € 250 to € 400 / UK £125 to £200

Photos by: Tony Guyton (first 2 images), McKay SavageZachary Collier

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