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Luxury Travel in Australia

For anyone travelling abroad, Australia is a top destination with a certain fondness for the luxury things in life. If you’re looking for a five-star travel experience then few countries compare to the land ‘Down Under’. This vast country is one of the most diverse in the world and blends culture and culinary excellence with rural landscapes and urban activities in a way that only the laidback Aussies could do.


Bespoke travel

Luxury travel in Australia can be individually tailored around your needs and preferences, taking in the sights and sounds that few tourists get to see and travelling the way you want to travel, whether that is by private jet, helicopter, or train. Heck, you don’t even have to travel at all if you don’t want to. This is your luxury holiday and if you want to laze around on a beach at a private resort at the Great Barrier Reef then so be it.

The luxury travel industry in Australia is booming at the moment and there is a wide range of companies willing to offer bespoke holidays. These holidays are generally put together by travel experts with years of experience. They are created to show off the best of what the country has to offer with five-star service all the way. Privacy and security are guaranteed aspects of luxury travel, and all that is required of you is to pick a theme and enjoy what comes.

Remember that just because you’re travelling in luxury, doesn’t mean that the worst can’t happen. It’s important to stay protected whilst travelling through Australia – so ensure you find a travel insurance product to suit your needs.

Touring the country

The best kind of luxury holiday in Australia is one that takes in as much of the country as possible. Given the sheer size of the country, travelling demands significant time, so two weeks off work is not going to be enough.

In most cases, travel will begin in Australia’s most cosmopolitan city: Sydney. Here you experience world-class culture, food, and shopping, as well as stunning natural beauty and plenty of energetic activity. This being the largest city in Australia means there is never any shortage of things to do and see – from relaxing on a cruise along Sydney harbour, to enjoying a cocktail on Bondi Beach, Sydney is a luxury as it comes.

Heading south first-class all the way, you can experience another coastal city: the sports and arts-obsessed Melbourne. With a relaxed European feel, Melbourne is like a small town on a big scale and perfect for the luxury traveller. The wine capital of Australia, Adelaide should also be on the agenda for any high-end traveller, and the city is close to the wonderful Kangaroo Island, a sure stop for all nature lovers.

Speaking of nature, no luxury trip should be without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef and a spot of scuba diving along the way. Great diving and luxury cruises can also be experienced at the unspoilt Lizard Island.

From Sydney to Perth, and Adelaide to Darwin, Australia is a land of magic and authenticity and offers a ‘one of a kind’ luxury travel experience like no other.

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