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Luxury Suites Suspended in Trees in Toronto National Park

Hanging rooms and tree houses are nothing new, but when a mere tree house becomes a luxury hotel room furnished like that of a Hilton suite, it becomes an entirely different thing. And that’s literally what these hanging rooms are. A dozen of these amazing suspended villas will be setup in a national park near Toronto, and would soon become one of the world’s sought-after luxury camping destinations.


Unlike conventional tree houses, these hanging suites do not require driving nails and screws into the tree trunk. In fact, they are carefully designed such that no tree is harmed, the nearby forest is preserved and guests get to enjoy a full of view of the surrounding trees. Each villa is hanging from a collar that allows the supporting tree to continue growing, without suffering long-term damage while the villa remains intact.


Tye Farrow of Farrow Partnership Architects said he got the concept from Japan where one of his architects saw the use of wires to protect tree branches during rough winter. He then figured out a way to use cables to support a hanging treehouse without damaging the very tree on which the structure is suspended.

To prevent unnecessary stress on the tree, Farrow said they used construction ideas from shipbuilding techniques wherein they used lightweight yet durable structures made of wood sourced from the area.

The treehouse features an open-air design complete with all the amenities of a world-class hotel room including bedroom, bathroom and living room. Guests get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding forest because the villas are built far from each other and there is an open window where they can peek through.


Access to the suspended villa is through a drawbridge or ladder that springs out of the floor, which can be pulled up for privacy and security. The treehouse is shaped like a maple key or the small seedpods that fall down from the maple trees. The materials are built offsite and assembled onsite.

The villas are eco-friendly and sustainable, featuring solar panels, composting toilet and graywater shower that recycles water. They also feature a self-cleaning canopy fabric that keeps off dirt and rain, but allows natural light in.


Photos by: DiscoverDuPageArthur MoodyLyndon Wong and Sébastien Barré

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