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Luxury Outdoors: African Safari Siesta Spots

Safari siestas become the epitome of leisure when we think about spending a day in the wild. Here is where safari adventurers can take a good snooze or perhaps enjoy the wonderful views the jungle has to offer. Most luxurious safari siestas provide heavenly day beds for this very purpose. But of course there are those that simply offer verandah spots which are ideal places for relaxation after an early safari trekking or perhaps, a sumptuous exotic lunch.


Sand Rivers Selous, Tanzania 

Offering a wonderful view of a river constantly filled with hippos, Sand Rivers is the go-to siesta of most safari adventurers. Remote and with exceptionally tasteful rooms, this lodge represents an understated luxury. Here, guests can either relax on a bed/sofa enjoying the views of the huge river up ahead or tuck themselves into the master-size bed for a good afternoon rest.


Chindeni Bushcamp, South Luangwa, Zambia

Set in the wild and remote part of South Luangwa, Chindeni Bushcamp is where you can rock away the afternoon in a hammock overlooking a lagoon of elephants and other game. What’s more is that in the distance can be seen purple mountains, a view that, when enjoyed with a loved one, adds romantic touch to warm and quiet afternoons. 


Tassia Safari Lodge, Kenya

Tassia has been known as one of the best walking safari rentals in all of Africa. It has 2 rooms which most adventurers regard as unrivalled in terms of luxury safari siesta. The first room has a day bed overlooking dramatic views throughout the land. Cue birds soaring above you while you watch the skies and the clouds drifting by. The second room, on the other hand, is a tower room with 2 suspended beds where guests can relax and enjoy Africa’s freshest air in altitude.


 Photos by: Ed YourdonColin J. McMechanJoachim HuberJohn Hickey-Fry

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