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Living the High Life in Papua New Guinea

A little north from Australia lays the Oceanian country called Papua New Guinea. It is one of the most culturally diverse in the world, with more than 800 different languages and different customary communities. It is also one of the least explored tourist hotspots mainly because of its myths and urban legends, which had transcended fear and reluctance among travelers. Still, the exotic Papua New Guinea offers luxury options for tourists with impeccable taste.


As an island country with a few offshore islets, Papua New Guinea presents an exclusive blend of luxury beach resorts.

Tufi Resort

– offers guests with well-appointed accommodation facilities coupled with topnotch scuba diving equipment and training necessary to journey underneath rich tropical seawaters.

Wewak Boutique Hotel

– provides serene and welcoming atmosphere to guests who require modern comforts in a natural backdrop. Nestled on top of the hill, this hotel is renowned for its most amazing panoramas.

Jals Aben Resort

– literally means “resting place” offers travelers with their very own piece of paradise in one of its fully furnished bungalows lined up along the shoreline with breathtaking views of the sea.


Driftwood Resort

– no resort in the area is as exclusive as Driftwood. The resort provides guests with intimate dwellings complete with a private decking area.

Walindi Resort

– divers and undersea photographers who come to Papua New Guinea notably find Walindi heaven on earth situated in Kimbie Bay where half of the world’s coral species thrive.

Then there are resorts that leverage on the mainland’s natural wonders and wildlife.


Bensbach Wildlife Resort

– a bit farther inland, guests can find a resort strategically located among the rich flood plains of Papua New Guinea, frequently visited by migratory birds and other wildlife species.

Ambua Lodge

– is an awarded resort known for its commitment and support for Papua New Guinea’s tribal and ancestral roots.

Malolo Plantation Lodge

– provides guests with daily cultural trips that not only educate visitors but help improve the lives of the local residents working at the resort.

Karawari Lodge

– this resort offers a different kind of luxury – something more exotic and traditional without depending so much on modern conveniences. Adventurous travelers will like it here.


Rondon Lodge

– situated in the Wahgi Valley, this resort provides guests with close interaction with the local terrain, local people, local food and even a bit of the local wildlife.

Photos by: Taro Taylor, Kahunapule Michael Johnson, and my_elbow

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