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Keeping Your Children Occupied and Happy While on the Road

“Are we there yet?!” This is a very common question you should be prepared to hear several times when you are on the road with your children. Fortunately, this will be avoided with some simple preparations before you leave home. Here is what you can do to keep your little ones occupied, relatively quiet and happy in the back seat:

Set some expectations.

As simple as it is, you can tell your children ahead of time about how they are expected to behave. You can set boundaries for them and share to them each day’s agenda, explaining the family rules that will, of course, depend on their temperament and age. Make sure that expectations are clearly laid out.

4442078230_e86affabb8_zLet them create a holiday scrapbook as you go.

Who does not like to reminisce about a good trip? However, you may not have the luxury of time to create a photo album or scrapbook for it, so let your kids help with it. Make sure you bring along a camera, paper, marker, coloring items and other things to get the job done. Each night before bed during your holiday, your children can fashion up some pages that represent the day’s activities.

3341663598_f797d9ac1f_oBring enough toys.

Every child likes toys, whatever kind it is. For this reason, stash as many of toys in your car as possible. If your children are young, you can take a quick trip to your nearest dollar store before heading out and parcel out new items that they can unwrap each day of your trip. Though these inexpensive things might not be around for so long, they can occupy your little ones for hours on your holiday.

3202423485_d710009efd_zHave a good meal.

Growling stomachs can make children uneasy and irritable, especially on a long ride. So, time your meals carefully and have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand for hours in between stops.

Following these tips isn’t just about saving your sanity, but also about keeping yourselves safe while driving. After all, these tips can give you more time to concentrate behind the wheel and to monitor traffic.


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