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It Took Us This Long but Here: Luxury Travels to Venezuela

After about three years of writing, we are finally making the first-ever entry about Venezuela. It is a shame, really, considering this Latin South American country is the topmost and nearest to the USA. Anyway, cheers to more Venezuela luxury trips.

Top Star Attractions


The Angel Waterfalls (world’s highest) located in Canaima National Park completes the magical landscape of cliffs, bodies of water, and greeneries. With a height of 979 meters (3,212 ft) and a plunge of 807 meters (2,648 ft), the Angel Waterfalls is one of the top tourist attractions all over Venezuela. To get there, tourists have to sail the river (the world’s second longest) to the base of the falls on board a traditional boat, wooden curiaras.

Caribbean Beaches


Yes, the northernmost portion of Venezuela has Caribbean shorelines that offer some of the most fascinating beaches in the world. The country in fact has more than 600 islands off the Caribbean, and most have private white sand beaches, quintessential of the region.

Five-Star Hotel Accommodations


If luxury vacation is what you want, Venezuela is an excellent choice of destination. One of its most luxurious hotels are Cayena-Caracas, an ultra modern hotel that provides the most innovative design and upscale comfort. There is also the five-star InterContinental Tamanaco Caracas, a hotel surrounded with luxurious tropical gardens with a scenic backdrop and posh amenities. Another great choice is the Gran Melia Caracas Hotel, a stylish business hotel for people on the go.

Just Some Friendly Advice


Spanish is the main language in Venezuela, and English-speaking tourists would have a hard time communicating outside the Capital City of Caracas. Make sure that you know the ropes about the local currency. Old Bolivars have been replaced with Bolivars Fuerte, and foreign exchange may not be as smooth-sailing as you would want it to be. It might be better to use your credit card, which is widely accepted in upscale establishments.

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