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How to Keep Your Valuables Safe While Traveling

Though what you carry on your back when you travel is minimal, it comprises the most valuable things needed for your trip.  In a way, these things will be the closest you would have for convenience. Here are tips on keeping your things safe while on a holiday:

Book a safe hotel.

When making a reservation, make sure the place has good reviews when it comes to security.

Keep important things with you.


Money, credit cards, passport, memory cards—make sure you keep these with you, preferably in a money belt, especially when you are sleeping with other people around. Also, do not put them under the bus or give them to your van or taxi driver.

Use a safety pack or lock for your backpack.

When you are riding on a public transportation, it is recommended to use a slash-proof backpack.


Use a small safety purse when walking around a city.

Your purse should be big enough to carry your passport, wallet, phone and other small items. For women who do not want to carry around a purse, they can use a bra stash that does not irritate the skin. Another small pack to carry is a padded camera bag.


Do not walk around and get wasted in an unfamiliar territory.

No matter what you do to enjoy during your holiday, do not get drunk especially when you are alone. You should hope nothing bad will happen to you if you do.


Most importantly, make sure you have travel insurance that covers your valuables if something were to happen. Get it from a trusted insurer that offers extras, such as those for your laptop, phone and camera gear. As long as you stay aware of your surroundings and are careful while traveling, you will be fine and able to enjoy your travel.

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