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How to fight the Jet Lag

Undoubtedly all those frequent travelers know the dreaded term known as Jet Lag, an evil that threatens the stability and sense of place in the heights. Today we propose some ideas and tips that will surely help you fight it effectively. In previous editions we gave even some definitions of this subject, as well as a wide range of resources to avoid or even hinder it, from the number of pills, glasses with leds, fasting before the trip and even some homeopathic tablets for lovers of natural medicine.

Jet Lag

Jet Lag

So if you are one of those who bet heavily on homeopathy, I comment that there is a natural prescribed antioxidant base that anticipates this discomfort. We speak of Pycnogenol, a unique pine bark extract which grows only in southern France along the exotic Mediterranean. The species is called Pinuspinaster Ali. It is extremely effective and you should give it a shot if you face the problem of Jet Lag.

Jet Lagged

Jet Lagged

It can be purchased at specialty stores.

Jet Lag photos: Scott Kauffman, feer.


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