Luxury Travel Spots

How the Super-Rich Travel

For some people, spending one night in a penthouse suite constitutes spending their life’s savings. Going luxury with their travel options is often a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Never to be repeated again. But for the 1% super-rich in the world, traveling is reflective of their lavish lifestyle.


Getting to and around a particular destination


Most of them don’t do cruises, commercial flights or car hire. Why rub elbows with the common people, right? Since they can afford it, the rich either sail on their private yachts or fly on their private jets, with a full-service staff in tow. When it comes to going around the city, they prefer to drive their own luxury cars, with price tags that have plenty of zeros. A report this year showed how the Arabs paid a fortune just to ship their supercars to London and back.

Destination of choice

Where the super-rich goes depends on their nationality. Research shows that most billionaires in the Middle East prefer to go the Mediterranean during the summer months, while others choose among Sardinia, South of France and Western Mediterranean. The super-rich in China, however, would prefer to go to Las Vegas for a round of gambling. For some winter sun, Russians hit the coasts of the Caribbean.


Travel Style

According to research, the wealthiest people like their needs to be attended to as if they never left home. This is why they bring along their staff wherever they go. At least some of them do. If they don’t, they usually stay in hotels or other forms of accommodation that offers nothing but the best full service. Some hotels also provide butler service that will do their bidding with no questions asked.


Ordinary folks can just dream about the luxury and lifestyle that the 1% enjoyed. Whether on a daily basis or when traveling, they get to enjoy the best the world has to offer.

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