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Chinese food market

One aspect that cannot be neglected to speak when dealing with the subject “China” is its kitchen. After visiting Shangay, Beijing, Hong Kong and after being delighted by the palate and the kitchen with a thousand flavours, I decided once again to start tasting a variety of food from region to region. I am convinced about the goodness of street food which is simple but delicious and so varied due to having it offered by everyone.

Once again, Hong Kong is the ideal opportunity to experience different dishes, because it certainly does not lack the opportunity to experience the immense variety of regional Chinese. In the restaurants you can eat shrimps with chili sauce, steamed fish, fried noodles with beef vegetable, etc. .., but the experience of tryingthe food of the many street kiosks will be unique. On every street corner there are stalls which are coloring the area and the place is filled of flavors by dispensing all kinds of food.

Chinese food

Chinese food

The dumplings (jiaozi), steamed in wicker baskets are filled with meat, onion and vegetables, often accompanied by a sauce made of red pepper, vinegar and soy sauce. It is nice to see the preparation, often by family-run businesses; there are those who roll out the dough, those who prepare the filling, stuffing and those who close the pasta with a perfect and fast assembly line.

The skewers are numerous, they do attract the attention of passers-by with their perfume, as they are roasted on large embers, while walking them through revolve patients, ready to sprinkle with chili powder and offer them to a number of customers. They offer them in all kinds: skewered squid, octopus, Cosci, wings and legs of chicken, beef, offal, pork rinds, mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes (you cannot find something non- tasty in this expanse of goodness). Other quick snacks are the fried tofu, eggs marinated in tea and drowned in soy sauce and sweet potatoes in the oven (flavoured with hot sauce and then roasted peanuts). If you cannot go to Tokyo or Hong Kong we came across a restaurant we like to try when in the UK called Red Hot Buffet. They have a wide range of Chinese and Japanese cuisine dishes which doesn’t beat traditional street food, but is the next best thing for those who cannot find the time to travel. When we spoke to one of the chefs, he explained how all their food is made to authentic traditional recipes.

Chinese food market

Chinese food market

I’ll never forget the taste and the party atmosphere that has stayed with me and takes me in the stalls, the joy of the cooks of the road who surprise everyone with their new and specials dishes.

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